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Mykhailo Marynenko


We are announcing DStack Cloud 🛰

During next quarter we will release cloud, a hosting solution to provide you an ability to cache your Store/Shards on the edge, have isolated relay for your application and observe your semi-decentralized infrastructure powered by DStack

Also when cloud will be released, unknown namespaces in public relay will be limited by 10 peers by default

The pricing and plans will be announced when released, but don't worry, we will offer a free plan for hobby projects

Beta release

We announcing a beta release by the end of 2022 Q2

It will include major improvements to our core library to provide more fluent developing experience and improve bundle size

Also probably it will include major testing in production projects

We are searching for projects who are interested to use DStack in production to collect feedback, bug reports and feature requests, you can apply here


We are announcing 99% uptime milestone in Public Relay

Public Relay now has a new multi-regional and highly available deployment on the edge powered by

Also you can check it's availability and incidents on status page or report a downtime

Peer isolation

Relay and Core library now supports peers isolation by namespacing them

It was achieved by forking libp2p-webrtc-star into new module @dstack-js/transport to support custom communications between relay and libp2p to tell relay a namespace by which peers is isolated

Core library

Now @dstack-js/lib includes IPFS and Relay GraphQL API communications out of the box, no need to manually request relay for bootstrap data

Also DStack now has a fork of node-webrtc to provide pre-built binaries for darwin arm64 (macOS on M1)

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Mykhailo Marynenko


Peerchat is a CLI app that allows to chat via DStack PubSub API without any configuration



Try it out!


$ npm i -g peerchat
$ yarn global add peerchat


$ # peerchat [channel] [nickname]
$ peerchat dstack steve

How it works?

DStack provides PubSub API

Peerchat uses it to communicate between users

Code Examples

Listening to messages

await stack.pubsub.subscribe(room, (event) => {
  const username =
    ? `${} (${event.from.slice(-5)})`
    : event.from.slice(-5);

  messageList.addItem(`${username}: ${}`);

Sending message

await pubsub.publish(room, { nickname, message });

Peerchat repository

Get started with DStack

See Tutorial to get started using DStack in your app

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Mykhailo Marynenko


DStack was created to bring together some of the popular libraries/technologies for the decentralized web (like IPFS) into a single ecosystem to provide an easy way for developing decentralized web applications where your infrastructure is a single source of truth.

For example, you can use PubSub API to create real-time events client-side

or Shard API to share temporary/preview files or structured data between clients without the need to upload to your servers

For example, you can create a collaborative real-time WYSIWYG editor with file preview support where all events and file previews are handled without your server infrastructure.

What DStack offers

DStack simplifies IPFS JavaScript API for application development usage

DStack provides:

Checkout Peerchat demo

Play with DStack in a Playground

Getting started

See Tutorial to get started using DStack in your app